Wow Che Chips!
Frisè Senti come Crocca!
We Love Vivaci
Una Tira l'Altra
We Love Croccanti
We Love Extrafini
We Love Rustiche
We Love Con Buccia
We Love Gustose
We Love Crocchè
We Love Ghiotte
Mickey Mouse Croquettes
Gnocchi di patate
Fior di Purè
Yellow Flesh Potatoes
Red skin potatoes
Early Potatoes
PDO Potato from Bologna
PGI Potato from Sila
Potatoes from Lombardy
Potatoes from Tuscany
Potatoes from Umbria
Early Potatoes from Sicily
PGI Potato from Fucino
Mozzarelline Panate
Crocchè filled with mozzarella
Anelli di Cipolla
Fior di zucchine
Extra Zighy
Petali di cipolle
Foglie di salvia
Tris di verdure
Stick di zucchine
Stick di ortaggi misti
Extra Patatine
Barchette con buccia
Bocconcini di baccalà
Extra Steakhouse
Extra Crispy Kings
Patatine taglio classico
Extra Wonders
Tocchettoni Rustici
Extra Spikky
Spicchi con buccia
Fette con buccia
Purea di patate in dischi
Tocchetti al naturale
Rustici al naturale
Spicchi al naturale
Novelle al naturale
Gnocchi di patate
Chicche di patate
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A wide range of products designed to add value to your restaurant's menu. You will surely find the kind of Pizzoli frozen potatoes that best meets your needs.
The Pizzoli supply chain
From seed to table: Pizzoli’s quality assurance
Our control over all phases of the potato production chain benefits the quality of the end product and protects the countryside and its resources.
We’ve developed a transparent and qualified supply chain from seed to table. We rely on expertise nurtured and shared over time with all partners involved in the process and have a passionate devotion for the land.
Fresh or frozen? The right potatoes
Every cook knows that not all potatoes are the same. For example, some are particularly suited baked, while others are perfect for dumplings.
However, not everybody is aware of another important difference. Some  varieties’ characteristics make them better for fresh consumption, while others are best processed.
As Italy’s leading potato specialist, we produce both types starting from the seed. Some varieties are selected for their suitability for our frozen fries, with a crisp outside, soft inner texture. They are some of the secrets of Pizzoli’s success.
Our partners in selected areas
People and land: these words sum up the depth of our bond with our partners. Over time, we’ve established a special relationship with selected farmers throughout Italy, in areas best suited for growing high-quality potatoes.
Differences in climate between north and south in our long peninsula give us a long harvest period, lasting from May to October.
Fertile soil, favourable climatic conditions, experienced and capable farmers. Thanks to our long-term vision, we’ve built lasting and trusting relationships with our farming partners and played a major part developing the potato industry in our country.
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Pizzoli, a reliable partner on the farmer’s side.
Right from the outset, we are closely involved in the supply chain. We don’t just process and package the finished product. We assist farmers during the planning stage and throughout the production cycle, from sowing to harvesting.
How? Our expert team of agronomists helps them to monitor their crops using advanced technology.
It all starts with seed potatoes, one of our company's strengths: in this field we boast important records. Over the years our expertise has played a major role in the growth and consolidation of our sector in Italy.
We supply our partner farmers with seed potatoes whose health and geographical origin are certified by recognised third parties in the countries where they are grown. These ensure consistent standards of excellence for the farmer and the consumer.
Crop cycle
Our farming partners are never left alone. We continue to support them throughout the entire crop cycle. Our expert team of agronomists provides them with ongoing technical advice and helps them to follow the best practices.
Harvesting is a crucial moment for the final quality of the product. We contribute in two ways: by scheduling harvests according to the progress of the crop and by supporting farmers who do not possess harvesting equipment, using accredited specialist picking partners.
Pizzoli R&D: agriculture 4.0
Pizzoli's agronomic research and development division is constantly focused on high-tech, sustainable agriculture. Its goals include making an even more efficient use of resources, respecting the soil and the environment, and forging partnerships with universities and research centres.
Quality control, from field to finished product
We carry out careful and thorough quality controls at each stage of the supply chain. We meticulously check each production batch, both fresh and frozen, during all phases of the process, from field to finished product.
We also hold all the main quality certifications, reflecting our consistently high standards of excellence.  
When it comes to detailed quality control, the numbers speak for themselves. Every year, we carry out
  • over  500 checks on field and warehouse samples, more than 4,500 on incoming batches,
  • over  4,500 during the production process,
  • and over  13,000 laboratory tests on finished products.